Our Family

Dear Birth Parents,

The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all. – Chinese Proverb

What can we say but thank you for exploring the selfless act of adoption and for considering us. We’re sure this hasn’t been an easy journey, but even now we’re praying for you and your baby, for wisdom and direction, hope and peace, and a bright future for both of you. We’ve been so blessed to start our family with our son Jack and look forward to expanding it further with another baby. Our hearts have been stretched beyond what we could image with him and will continue to be stretched with more children. Just as God adopts us and calls us His own sons and daughters when we put our trust into Jesus Christ, we are excited to call our adoptive son or daughter our own. We consider it a privilege and honor and do not take the responsibility of parenting lightly.

Having Jack has shown us the great privilege of parenting. It has expanded our love for each other and has motivated us to have more children, increasing the joy in our home. We were always open to adoption and now see that it is what God had planned for us all along. We are thankful for Jack and desire another child of our own. There will be no difference in our love and commitment to them because there is plenty of love to share!

We want to honor you so, if you desire, we would love to maintain a relationship with you and you with your child through communication, pictures, videos, and possibly visits, if you desire. This online profile will give you a glimpse into our family and we hope you see your child being a part of our family as we wait with hopeful expectation of such a privilege.

Our hope is that you prayerfully consider us when deciding which family to place your child into. It is not an easy decision and we commend you for considering the option of adoption. Whatever your decision, we thank you for choosing life and considering us. May God bless your decision and give you peace.

Looking to the future with great hope,

Kim & Neil Tews

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