Dear Expectant Birthmom:

Although we have not met you, we know you are making an incredibly difficult decision.  By considering adoption for your child, it shows how brave and selfless you are.  You have our unending respect and will always have a special place in our hearts and prayers. Our adopted child will always know what an incredible and selfless person you are.

We feel very blessed to be considered for such an important job, raising a child to be a happy, loving person.  Your child will have our support and, most of all, our love.   We consider parenting a privilege and an honor and we are committed to raising your child guided by our faith. You can be assured that we will provide everything he or she will need.

We are a married couple who have been together for 10 years and married since 2012.  Very early in our relationship we felt having a child would make our family complete.  Having both come from warm loving homes, we wanted to provide the same to our child.  We know this is a commitment that we are ready to make.  We want to share the wonderful and loving experiences from our childhoods with your child and help set them on a path for happiness and success like our parents did for us.

We have established our home and our lives together knowing that was wanted to provide the most loving and supportive environment for a child. We have a very strong commitment to, and deep understanding of, each other and have shared values and goals for our family. We are financially stable and have a warm home and great neighborhood that is ideal to raise children in. We cannot wait to build a family and share the love we have for each other with your child by providing him or her with a happy, healthy, safe and loving life.

We hope the following pages allow you to get to know more about who we are, our values, our interests, our loved ones, as well as the open and supportive environment we can provide your child.

Thank you for considering us,

Steve and Ryan

To find out more about this family, please contact: Jennifer Vergara at 847-870-8181 or e-mail

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wedding reception

A picture from our wedding reception

trip to vince

Enjoying the views of the Grand Canal in Venice

Walking with our nephew Jonas

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