Tera & John’s Story

About three years into our marriage we were anxious to begin growing our family.  We tried for about 6 months without any luck, prompting us to seek extra help.  After countless doctor visits we learned that we were facing both male and female infertility issues.  Although IVF was an option, we were turned off by the intensity of the treatment, as well as the mediocre success rates.  After many discussions and some soul searching we realized that what we really wanted was to be parents – the path to get there did not have to be traditional.

We spent the spring of 2015 exploring our adoption options.  When we met with the team at St. Mary’s we just knew we had found the right fit.  On June 1st, Tera’s 30th birthday, we filled out our application to begin the home study process.

The staff at St. Mary’s could not have been more supportive during the home study and waiting process.  They knew we were anxious to become a waiting family and did everything in their power to speed the process along.  On August 21st we got word that we were officially a waiting family!

We passed the wait time taking our adoption classes and searching for a few essential baby items.  We decided not to create a full nursery just yet, as it could make the wait even harder.  As it turned out, we were not waiting long.  On November 25th, the day before Thanksgiving, we got THE CALL!  An expectant mom had selected us, and she was due in two and a half weeks!  Needless to say, we took advantage of lots of Black Friday deals at Buy Buy Baby that year!

We got to meet with our daughter’s birth mom a week before she was born, and again at the hospital.  Our social workers made the whole situation as comfortable and smooth as possible, and we loved learning about her pregnancy and her life.

On the day Madeleine was born we rushed to the hospital, managing to arrive just before her delivery.  Soon after that we were able to meet her, and didn’t leave her side for the rest of her stay.  Maddie is now a bright, happy and spunky toddler and we are grateful for her and her birth mom every single day.  We keep in touch using a private photo app, exchanging pictures and stories at least a few times a month.  We plan to adopt a second child soon and can only hope for an experience half as amazing as we had adopting Maddie.

“After attending informational meetings with four other agencies, it was a no-brainer that St. Mary’s would provide us with the personal attention and care that a life changing event needs.”

– Pat & Jennifer, St. Mary’s Adoptive Family

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